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Changes for version 1.50 - 2002-08-26

  • Overall:
    • Templates are now only stored in the filesystem, and browser-based template editing is back online. If you currently store templates in the filesystem you'll need to run a migration script. See docs in the 'base_template' package for more information.
    • Component handler has moved from the 'base_component' package to the main distribution. The 'base_component' package is no longer used.
    • Documentation updates: much of the docs from the 'base' package are now in HTML in the main docs.
  • Individual:
    • conf/server.ini, conf/server.perl:
      • Add new mandatory keys 'system_alias.site_template' and 'system_alias.sitetemplate' (See UPGRADE for more info)
      • Remove key 'template_info.source' as it's no longer needed
      • Change key 'system_alias.component' to 'OpenInteract::Component'. (This is MANDATORY; see UPGRADE for more info.)
    • doc/actions.html; doc/templates.html; doc/packages.html; doc/configuration.html; doc/r_contents.html; doc/error_handling.html:
      • Move documentation from 'base' package to sitewide doc directory.
    • doc/components.html:
      • Move documentation from 'base_component' package to sitewide doc directory.
    • doc/developer.html:
      • Merge changes made by Ben Avery <> to bring the document up-to-date.
    • OpenInteract/
      • Only change the 'class' property of action configuration files if it's 'OpenInteract::Handler::Foo' rather than just 'OpenInteract::Foo'
      • In check(), include all files from 'template' that are not backups or meta files.
    • OpenInteract/, OpenInteract/Template/
      • Removed files; these have been deprecated for a long time. Adios!
    • OpenInteract/Template/
      • Ripped out all template fetching routines since this logic is now in OpenInteract::SiteTemplate (in the base_template package).
  • Packages updated:
    • OpenInteract 1.41 -> 1.50
    • base: 1.67 -> 1.70 base_box: 0.45 -> 1.00 base_error: 1.42 -> 1.43 base_group: 1.36 -> 1.37 base_page: 0.98 -> 1.00 base_security: 1.57 -> 1.58 base_template: 1.31 -> 2.21 base_theme: 1.34 -> 1.35 base_user: 1.57 -> 1.58 lookup: 0.20 -> 1.00 object_activity: 0.19 -> 1.00 results_manage: 0.08 -> 1.00 system_doc: 1.29 -> 1.32 classified: 1.35 -> 1.36 full_text: 1.31 -> 1.32 news: 1.39 -> 1.40


A robust web application framework built to run under Apache and mod_perl
Manage OpenInteract websites and packages


mod_perl handler to process all OpenInteract requests
Central module to call for initializing an OpenInteract website
Authenticate the user object and create its groups
caches objects so we do not need to do a database fetch each time
Implement caching in the filesystem
Implement caching of metadata via IPC for quick access
Base class that with a few configuration items takes care of many common operations
Central calling/caching module for components
centralized configuration information
Process global override settings for a set of configuration directives
Read/write INI-style (++) configuration files
Read/write information from/to a perl file
handler to parse/output cookies from/to the client using Apache::Cookie
handler to parse/output cookies from/to the client using CGI::Cookie
Centralized connection location to DBI databases
Provide central holding location for Interact errors
Catches all errors and dispatches to proper handler
Catalog of system error handlers
Define task-dispatching, security-checking and other routines for Handlers to use
Centralized connection location to LDAP directories
Perform actions on individual packages
Operations to represent, install, remove and otherwise manipulate package repositories.
container for request info and output
Define common behaviors for all SPOPS objects in the OpenInteract Framework
Common SPOPS::DBI-specific methods for objects
Common SPOPS::LDAP-specific methods for objects
Dispatcher for installing various SQL data from packages to database
Implement session handling in the framework
Create sessions within a DBI data source
Create sessions within a filesystem
Create sessions within a SQLite data source
Bootstrapper that reads in modules and initializes the environment
Provide a custom context for templates in OpenInteract
Custom OpenInteract functionality in templates
Process OpenInteract templates
Retrieve templates for the Template Toolkit
The primary user interface assembly 'conductor'
Package of routines that do not really fit anywhere else
Handler for this package
SQL installer for this package
Default stash class and an example of what one looks like


in OpenInteract/Config/
in OpenInteract/Session/