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Changes for version 0.04

  • eg (example application):
    • Add CGI interface ('ticket.cgi') to example application, and move most of the logic into App::Web, which is now a full object instead of a bunch of class methods. Both the standalone web server ('ticket_web.pl') and the CGI script use the same logic, templates, template processing, etc.
  • Workflow::Config
    • Move Perl/XML configuration parsers to separate classes and make this class a factory.
    • Add class method 'parse_all_files()' to allow you to pass in a list of mixed-type files (some XML, some Perl) and have them be parsed properly.
    • Add documentation about implementing your own configuration reader
  • Workflow::Config::Perl
    • New class: code moved from Workflow::Config for perl-only parsing
  • Workflow::Config::XML
    • New class: code moved from Workflow::Config for XML-only parsing
  • Workflow::Factory
    • Invoke class method in Workflow::Config to deal with potentially different types of configuration (e.g., mixing and matching 'xml' and 'perl' files).
  • Workflow::Persister::DBI::AutoGeneratedId:
    • Fix typo bug spotted by Martin Winkler (winkler-martin@web.de)
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