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Changes for version 0.15

  • CPAN/Install notes:
    • You should now be able to reference the Workflow module via CPAN with 'install Workflow' and such. Thanks to Michael Schwern (RT bug #8011) and the PAUSE indexing server for the reports.
    • Also thanks to Michael Roberts for releasing the 'Workflow' namespace to this module. If you're interested in workflows I strongly encourage you to check out his wftk (Workflow Toolkit) project along with the Perl interface when it's released.
      • http://www.vivtek.com/wftk.html
  • Build.PL/Makefile.PL:
    • Add Class::Factory as dependency. Thanks to Michael Schwern for the pointer via RT (bug #8010)-- during my presentation to pgh.pm on the Workflow module no less! (I added a reference to the presentation in README and Workflow.pm)
    • Add Class::Observable as dependency for new functionality.
  • eg/ticket/ticket.pl:
    • Ensure we actually delete the SQLite database file if it exists.
  • t/TestUtil.pm:
    • Always store the logfile from testing in the 't/' directory.
  • Workflow:
    • Workflows are now observable. Big thanks to Tom Moertel <tmoertel@cpan.org> for the suggestion. See WORKFLOWS ARE OBSERVABLE in docs.
    • In previous versions most properties were read-only but it wasn't enforced. Now it is.
  • Workflow::Factory:
    • Add the ability to register observers from the 'workflow' configuration and add them to workflows created from fetch_workflow() and create_workflow(). Configuration information available in Workflow.pm.
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