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Changes for version 0.16

  • META.yml:
    • RT #12360: Added 'no_index' section so demo modules don't get indexed; thanks to Adam Kennedy for report and fix.
  • lib/Workflow.pm:
    • RT #14413: Added workflow object to Workflow::State->get_autorun_action_name() call; thanks to Jonas Nielsen for report and fix.
  • lib/Workflow/Factory.pm:
    • RT #12361: Add documentation about return values/exceptions from add_config() and add_config_from_file(); thanks to Adam Kennedy for report.
  • lib/Workflow/Persister/DBI.pm:
      • Change 'user' field in history table to 'workflow_user' so we don't collide with PostgreSQL reserved word. (It's probably reserved elsewhere too...) If you have existing workflow tables you'll want to ALTER them to the new fieldname or look at the next changeitem to customize the field names.
    • Make the workflow and history fields settable by subclassing the persister -- just define 'get_workflow_fields()' and 'get_history_fields()' and return the names you want in the order specified in the docs. Thanks to Michael Graham for the nudge.
    • Be sure to pass in the database handle to the pre_fetch ID generator in create_workflow() (related to RT #15622)
    • RT #15622: While we didn't apply this patch we did cleanup some of the similar code....
    • Apply patch from Frank Rothhaupt to work with Oracle sequences.
  • lib/Workflow/Persister/DBI/SequenceId.pm:
    • Throw proper exception if we cannot execute the sequence SQL.
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