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CatalystX::Features - Merges different application directories into your app.
CatalystX::Features::Backend - All the dirty work is done here
CatalystX::Features::Feature - Class that represents a single feature.
CatalystX::Features::Init - Extend MyApp.pm initialization
CatalystX::Features::Lib - Push your /lib into @INC
CatalystX::Features::Plugin::ConfigLoader - Makes ConfigLoader know about features
CatalystX::Features::Plugin::I18N - Makes C::P::I18N know about features
CatalystX::Features::Plugin::Static::Simple - Makes C::P::Static::Simple know about features
CatalystX::Features::Role::Backend - Role for implementing a backend.
CatalystX::Features::Role::Feature - Role for implementing a single feature.
CatalystX::Features::View::Mason - Makes View::Mason know about features
CatalystX::Features::View::TT - Makes View::TT handle features.
Changes for version 0.25
  • Class::MOP::load_class is deprecated in Moose 2.1100

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