Peter Flanigan


Changes for version 0.58.1

  • Added untainted_argv to UntaintedGetopts
  • Made trapping exec failure an authore test. Unreliable
  • Moved Programs interpolate_cmd to CX::Usul Admin
  • Made Programs exit usage public
  • Untainted more configuration attributes
  • Functions get_user accepts uids or names
  • Untainted IPC::SRLock type attr and Programs encoding attr
  • Usul now even more lazy
  • Depoy and populate now uses Data::Record
  • Added Schema dry run and SQLite support
  • Added Config::datadir
  • Added badges
  • Made host and port optional in get_connect_info
  • Make list_attr_of an public exported function
  • Made ::Schema lookup DDL commands from a map
  • Use File::DataClass constants for MSOFT and CYGWIN
  • No longer export is_member by default from Functions
  • Usul->lock no longer a singleton
  • Added diag output to tests for solaris
  • Deleted unused meta_class attr from Programs