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Meredith Howard

Changes for version 0.04

  • Fix readme catching pre-podweaver input, fix new error about adding Changes twice (Meredith Howard)
  • Add v0.03 Changes (Meredith Howard)
  • Fix losing characters in block mode on reset (Alex Kapranoff)
  • Fix decompression of the last (short) code (Alex Kapranoff)
  • Expected is first in cmp_ok (Alex Kapranoff)
  • Fix decompression in block mode (Meredith Howard)
  • Fix being code-capped in decompress and the check for known code (Meredith Howard)
  • Bring closer in line with current state of rb-compress-lzw (Meredith Howard)
  • Kwalitee fixes (Meredith Howard)
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