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  • Control::CLI - Command Line Interface I/O over either Telnet or SSH (IPv4 & IPv6) or Serial port

Changes for version 2.00

  • As of this version, methods connect(), login(), cmd() and waitfor() support a non-blocking mode for which they now have a poll method: connect_poll(), login_poll(), cmd_poll() and waitfor_poll()
  • New generic non-blocking poll() object/class method to poll multiple objects of this class simultaneously
  • Method waitfor() was incorrectly setting s option on match, i.e. treating string as single line (. matches a newline)
  • Method change_baudrate() was incorrectly returning undef if the requested baudrate was already set
  • Error mode 'die' would always show CLI.pm as the die file and not the actual file where the error occurred
  • Error message for blocking read() timeout was incorrectly reported as "Received eof from connection"
  • Timer for readwait() method, previously hard coded to 100 millisecs, is now configurable via readwait_timer() method
  • Method break() now accepts a configurable duration argument for generating break signal over serial port connections
  • Prompt_credentials now resets Term::ReadKey ReadMode to whatever was in use before calling connect() / login()
  • Debug levels are now bit based; only bits 1 & 2 are defined in this class; new debugMsg() method for sub-classes
  • Added a socket method to return the IO::Socket::IP or IO::Socket::INET object
  • Fixed "Can't call method "ext_data" on an undefined value at Control/CLI.pm line X" which was caused by SSH connecting to a device that only accepts publickey authentication, with no keys provided
  • SSH & Serial, methods input_log, output_log and dump_log were not returning the filehandle when called with no arguments
  • All methods now handle error mode correctly if called before a connection is established or after disconnect
  • Added a connected() method to check status of connection
  • Carp messages from Win32::SerialPort are now always suppressed, unless debug level is active on bit1
  • Method change_baudrate() now can also be used to change Parity, Databits, Stopbits and Handshake settings
  • Method read(Blocking => 1, Timeout => $secs) using Device::SerialPort was ignoring the Timeout argument
  • SSH connect() is now able to also handle keyboard-interactive authentication method