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Class::InsideOut - a safe, simple inside-out object construction kit
Class::InsideOut::Manual::About - guide to this and other implementations of the inside-out technique
Class::InsideOut::Manual::Advanced - guide to advanced usage
Class::InsideOut in lib/Class/InsideOut.pm
Class::InsideOut::Manual::About in lib/Class/InsideOut/Manual/About.pm
Class::InsideOut::Manual::Advanced in lib/Class/InsideOut/Manual/Advanced.pm
Changes for version 1.10
    • Bug fixes:
    • changed method of calling Exporter::import() to avoid confusing DProf
    • fixed detection of missing 'weaken' function in newer Scalar::Util (fixes test t/15_no_weaken_fallback.t) (RT#47623)
    • Other:
    • cleanup: eliminate test warning from bogus superclass in a test class
    • docs: Noted that set_hooks aren't called by new() (RT#48106)

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