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Sereal::Splitter - splits a Sereal blob in chunks of roughly the same size


  use Sereal::Splitter qw(SRL_ZLIB create_header_data_template);

  my $splitter = Sereal::Splitter->new(
    { input => $data, chunk_size => 1, compress => SRL_ZLIB,
      header_data_template => create_header_data_template(
        { date => time(), elements_count => '__$CNT__' }
  while (defined( my $chunk = $splitter->next_chunk())) {
    # do stuff with $chunk;


This library implements an efficient way of splitting a Sereal blob into smaller chunks. Currently, it only works with ArrayRefs Sereal blobs, like this:

  [ $element_1, $element_2, ..., $element_n ]

In the future, it may also work with HashRefs.



Takes a HashRef with options:


Mandatory, String, the Sereal blob to split


Mandatory, positive Int, the approximate size of the uncompressed chunk


Optional, Int, one of SRL_UNCOMPRESSED, SRL_SNAPPY or SRL_ZLIB. These constant can be exported at use time. If set, indicates how chunks must be compressed. Defaults to SRL_UNCOMPRESSED.


Optional, Str, the header_data to inject in each chunk. This header_data can contain special scalar values, that will be replaced by values. Special scalar values are:


This will be replaced by the number of elements that the chunks contains. It must be encoded as SHORT_BINARY_08. It'll be replaced by a VARINT.

REMARK: In theory, it should be a string of lentgh 11, because varint max size are 11 bytes. However, the Sereal decoder code, can't cope with varint bigger than 8 bytes, because of a bug, and even if the varint is forged like 0x8180808080808080808080.

To make things easier, you can use create_header_data_template (see below) to create it for you.



returns the next chunk as a String, or Undef if it was the last chunk



Given a structure, will return a Sereal *body*, that can be used as value for the header_data_template constructor option.

This function loads Sereal::Encoder if it's not already loaded.