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Net::Google::SafeBrowsing::Blocklist - Query a Google SafeBrowsing table


  my $blocklist = Net::Google::SafeBrowsing::Blocklist->new(
       $tablename, $dbfile, $apikey);
  my $matched_uri = $blocklist->suffix_prefix_match($uri);
  if (defined($matched_uri)) {
    print "Matched '$matched_uri'\n";
  } else {
    print "No match for '$uri'\n";


The Blocklist module performs lookups in the Google SafeBrowsing URI tables. The $tablename, $dbfile, and $apikey arguments to the constructor should correspond to the arguments given to the blocklist_updater script.



Try to find a match for $uri in this blocklist, according to the suffix/prefix matching algorithm described in the Google API doc. Return the matching string, or return undef if there was no match.


a string representing the URI to check