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Net::Google::SafeBrowsing::UpdateRequest - Update a Google SafeBrowsing table


  my $u = Net::Google::SafeBrowsing::UpdateRequest->new(
    $apikey, $dbfile, $blocklist);
  if ($u->update and $u->close) {
    print "Successfully updated $blocklist in $dbfile\n";


The UpdateRequest module updates the local cache of a Google SafeBrowsing URI table. The cache is stored in a 'DB_File'.


Net::Google::SafeBrowsing::UpdateRequest->new($apikey, $dbfile, $blocklist, $reqfile, $keysfile, $skip_mac)

Create an UpdateRequest for the specified table.


API key from Google.


Path to place to store the results.


Name of URI table to update.


Optional. If specified, read an update from a local text file rather than downloading one from Google (mostly for testing).


Optional. If specified, read a /getkeys result from a local file (mostly for testing).


Optional. If true, skip MAC verification.


Attempt to update the blocklist.


Close the $dbfile.