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http_this - export the current directory over HTTP


version 0.004


    ## Export the current directory with HTTP
    $ http_this

    ## Export the dir_name directory with HTTP
    $ http_this dir_name

    ## Start the server on a specific port
    $ http_this --port 9001

    ## Announces the HTTP server via Bonjour with the specified name
    $ http_this --name "My cool webserver"

    ## Start the server using index.html for directory requests
    $ http_this --autoindex

    ## Show documentation about our options
    $ http_this --help

    ## Show the entire man page
    $ http_this --man


The http_this command exports the current directory via HTTP. You can also export any directory by providing the path as a parameter.

A simple web server is started and is kept running until you kill it with Ctrl-C.

All the files and directories will be availble to a browser under the URL the script outputs.


The script accepts a single optional argument: the path of the directory to export.


The following options are available:

--port PORT

Start the HTTP server on a specific PORT.

--name NAME

Announces the server over Bonjour.

This feature requires the Net::Rendezvous::Publish module and the appropriate backend for your operating system, both available from CPAN. If one of them cannot be found, a warning message will be displayed.


By default, if the server gets a request that ends in / then it displays a listing of that directory. With the --autoindex flag, it will serve the index.html file from that directory (if it exists).


Print information about the script usage and its options.


Print the entire man page for the command.


Pedro Melo <>


This software is Copyright (c) 2010 by Pedro Melo.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The Artistic License 2.0 (GPL Compatible)