Acme::Pony - An encoding scheme for Silly People


  use Acme::Pony;

  print "Hello world";


The first time you run a program under use Acme::Pony, the module removes all that nasty text stuff from your source file, turning it into a lovely ASCII-art rendition of a pony. In the spirit of other modules, the ASCII-art will consist entirely of the characters matching /[buffy]+/i, thus fulfilling Greg, Leon and Dave's fantasy of seeing Buffy riding a Pony.


Can't pony '%s'

Acme::Pony couldn't access the source file for modification.

Can't unpony '%s'

Acme::Pony couldn't access the source file for execution.


David Cantrell <>

This is based on Leon Brocard's 'Buffy' module and inspired by Damian Conway's brief talk on his Bleach module.

Leon contributed the code for scaling a vector Pony and filling it, replacing the bitmap Pony from the previous versions.


Copyright (c) 2001, David Cantrell. The Artistic Licence applies.

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