Changes for version 3.0 - 2007-01-20

  • First release by new maintainer David Cantrell
  • Comments now accept an 'email' field from the user
  • The default Template Toolkit renderer has a lot more of TT's options turned on to support more complex templates
  • For the FlatFile datasource *only* (but this is the default source):
    • journal entries whose files' timestamps are in the future are 'embargoed'
    • you *must* specify your email address so you can be notified of comments
    • comments are emailed to the journal's owner by shelling out to the 'mail' program
    • comments are now subject to a crude spam filter:
      • the string 'http://' appearing three or more times is presumed to be spam, and the comment is simply thrown away
      • the string 'http://' appearing one or two times means the comment might be spam and the journal's owner is emailed so he can decide whether to add it to the *.comments file by hand or not


A modular, extensible weblog tool
Determine which documents to show
Represents a comment on a blog post
A set of configuration settings for Bryar
Base class for DataSources
Retrieve blog posts and comments from database
Blog entries from flat files, a la blosxom
Blog entries from flat files, a la blosxom
Represents a blog post
Base class for frontend classes
Common Gateway Interface to Bryar
Apache mod_perl interface to Bryar
Static renderer for Bryar
Render a blog page with Template Toolkit


in lib/Bryar/DataSource/
in lib/Bryar/DataSource/