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Number::Phone::UK::DetailedLocations - more detailed location information for Number::Phone::UK


Just install it, and Number::Phone::UK will magically pick it up and use it instead of the restricted data set distributed with it.


All previous versions had a dependency on the excellent DBM::Deep module. Unfortunately its file format changed when it hit version 1.0. Therefore this release has an old version of DBM::Deep bundled with it, which you may use in parallel with the new version.


The data in this add-on module is more accurate than that distributed with Number::Phone because Number::Phone only has location data for one of the several exchanges serving each area code. This is therefore a superset of that data.

The latitude and longitude data has several more significant figures than it deserves, simply because that's what was in the datasource I got it from.


This module contains the locations of most BT phone exchanges, and the number ranges handled by them. However, the data is (at the time of writing) nearly a year old. I can't find a more recent source. Thankfully, this sort of data doesn't go stale quickly. New exchanges hardly ever open, and while new number ranges may be assigned to exchanges, they will for at least a few years be a small proportion of all numbers.

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