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Config::Win32 - Load and save configuration values on Windows


         use Config::Win32;

         my $cfg = Config::Win32->new("Vendor name", "Application name");

         $cfg->save("key", "value");

         print $cfg->load("key");


This module is a simple way to save and load configuration options in the Windows registry. While other Config modules exist, they mostly rely on flat files, which is the norm on Unix systems but not as useful on Windows.

The registry provides an easy place to store values and this module takes advantage of that. It uses the Win32API::Registry low-level API to access the values.


$cfg = Config::Win32->new($vendor_name, $application_name)

Makes a configuration variable, and creates keys in the registry for the vendor and application names under HKEY_LOCAL_USER/Software.


Returns the current application name, or switches to a new application name, and creates the proper keys in the registry.

$cfg->save($key, $value)

Saves a key/value pair to the registry under the current vendor and application name. All values are assumed to be strings.


Returns the current value for $key.


(C) 2014 Patrick Lambert -

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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