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David H. Ardell


  • alncut - filter sites in alignments based on variation and gap-content
  • fascodon - counts codon usage
  • fascomp - analysis of monomer frequencies
  • fasconvert - Convert sequences or alignments to or from fasta format.
  • fascut - select biosequence record data by character or field ranges
  • fasfilter - Select sequences by numerical values of name,value pairs
  • fasgrep - print sequence records matching a pattern
  • fashead - print first sequence records on input
  • faslen - annotate sequence lengths to descriptions
  • faspaste - concatenate sequence record data
  • fasrc - reverse complement nucleotide sequences and alignments
  • fassort - sort sequences based on identifiers
  • fassub - regex-based substitutions on sequence records
  • fastail - print last sequence records on input
  • fastax - select sequence records by NCBI taxonomic names or IDs
  • fastaxsort - sort sequence records based on NCBI taxonomy
  • fastr - character-based transformations on sequence records
  • fasuniq - Remove duplicate sequence records in a multifasta file or datastream.
  • faswc - tally sequences and sequence characters
  • fasxl - translate sequences by a genetic code.
  • gbfalncut - cut sites from alignments by regex-matching on features in an annotated GenBank file
  • gbfcut - search features from GenBank files and print corresponding sequences