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Changes for version 0.14 - 2024-06-23

    • field constraints are treated by SQLT as table constraints, and CDD's attempt to mask that was too primitive to accomodate real world applications, so they are now deprecated in favor of table constraints.
    • constraints must include a type attribute; this was not enforced.
    • Constraint attributes 'fields', and 'referenced_fields' did not coerce from a string to an arrayref.
    • automatic names for table constraints tried to use attributes which may not be present.
    • CHECK_C constraint expressions may now be provided via a coderef
    • the DSL (CXC::DB:DDL::Util) now supports DBD specific types. The interface it is still evolving and the documentation lacking. See CXC::DB::DDL::Field::Pg and t/DDL/Field/Pg.t.


Introduction to CXC::DB::DDL


DDL for table creation, based on SQL::Translator::Schema
Provide attribute tags and a method for Moo objects to indicate they should be cloned
Failure classes for App::Deosc
DDL Representation of a field
CXC::DB::DDL Table class
Types, oh my!
CXC::DB::DDL utilities