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Changes for version 0.03 - 2007-07-07

  • DMUEY contributed:
    • removed unnecessary Exporter use from
    • streamlined use of Params::Validate and what it [ex|im]ported
    • fixed regexes used in Params::Validate checks
      • Added and documented AS(), function(), count(), get_sql_from_files(), sql_driver_version(), sql_driver_name(), normalized_sql_driver_name(), get_placeholder_string(), and get_placeholder_array()
      • Generated SQL should be a bit cleaner (join only defined values, etc)
      • SELECT not require "tables" so you could do a "SELECT NOW();" type query
      • Cleaned up Makefile.PL including removing restriction to 5.8
      • Cleaned up README
      • General Code cleanup as per "Perl Best Practices"
      • redo tests to use pseudo sqlite so no preset info/prompts/db driver are required
      • [todo] create and include, change 'big 3' refs to include changes [/todo]


Perl extension to generate SQL for RDBMS variants


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