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Erik Pihl Østlyngen
DNS::LDNS - Perl extension for the ldns library
DNS::LDNS::DNSSecDataChain - DNSSec data chain element
DNS::LDNS::DNSSecName - Dname with rrsets in a dnssec zone
DNS::LDNS::DNSSecRRSets - Linked list of rrsets in a dnssec zone
DNS::LDNS::DNSSecRRs - Linked list of rrs in a dnssec zone
DNS::LDNS::DNSSecTrustTree - Trust tree from signed RR to trust anchors
DNS::LDNS::DNSSecZone - Zone with dnssec data
DNS::LDNS::GC - Garbage collector, used internally by the DNS::LDNS modules
DNS::LDNS::Key - DNSSec private key
DNS::LDNS::KeyList - Linked list of dnssec keys
DNS::LDNS::Packet - DNS packet
DNS::LDNS::RBNode - Node in the RBTree
DNS::LDNS::RBTree - Tree of DNSSecName nodes
DNS::LDNS::RData - Rdata field or a dname in an rr
DNS::LDNS::RR - Resource record
DNS::LDNS::RRList - List of rrs
DNS::LDNS::Resolver - DNS resolver
DNS::LDNS::Zone - Parsed zonefile
Changes for version 0.51
    • Added META.yml, and added some more package dependencies.
    • Compatibility with ldns < 1.6.12.

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