Author image Martin Owens


Template::Direct::List - Handle a list template display


  Provide support for lists and repetitive templating


$class->new( $template, $data )

  Create a new instance object.

$list->tagName( )

  Returns 'list'

$list->subTags( )

  Returns a list of expected tags in a list construct: [sublist, entry, noentry, seperator]

$list->compile( )

  Modifies a template with the data listed correctly.

$list->compileListData( $data, $name, %p )

  From the scoped data object, find the data named data
  field and return it as a list.

$list->compileSubList( $content, $data, $sublist )

  Modifies the content with the sublist tag replaces with the correctly proccessed data

$list->getEntryContent( $content )

  Gathers all the subtags and sorts them out into a content hash (returned)
  This content is used for all sublists as well as the current list processing.


  Martin Owens - Copyright 2007, AGPL