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Changes for version 0.59

  • Move preview_node() and edit_node() from wiki.cgi into Remove - use instead to reduce duplication. Make sure to always pass the config object into the templates. Add some extra test utilities to OpenGuides::Test Allow Guide admins to control the content of autocreated nodes (#47). Let people add name of copyright holder, licence URL, and info page URL for node images (#179). Add config option to omit recent changes from home page. Split out "modules" from into separate templates navbar_*.tt to make it easier for people to change the order in a custom template Add a new div to wrap the entire body; also, use in instead of copy/paste. Add a new div for the atom/RSS feed links on the recent changes page. Add config option to place content above navbar in HTML. Add config option to suppress inline maps on geotagged nodes. Add support for custom template to add to page <head> (#191). Fix preferences to take notice of users turning off inline Google maps. Add option to include Google Analytics. Fix "Link to this page" on index maps to remember the map type and the thing it's indexing (#190). Write tests for and fix: #48 (Edit conflict page erroneously converts lat/lon to os_x, os_y). #173 (edit conflict form doesn't let you edit everything). Fix: #184 (Build.PL doesn't treat the absence of Config::Tiny gracefully.) Add admin function for reverting changes by a specified user or host.


A complete web application for managing a collaboratively-written guide to a city or town.
An OpenGuides helper for CGI-related things.
Handle OpenGuides configuration variables.
generate data feeds for OpenGuides in various formats.
An OpenGuides plugin to output RDF/XML.
Search form generation and processing for OpenGuides.
Do Template Toolkit related stuff for OpenGuides applications.
Methods to help test OpenGuides applications.
General utility methods for OpenGuides scripts.


in lib/OpenGuides/