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Changes for version v0.3.0 - 2023-05-09

  • new features
    • calling context sub with an explicit single undef value (ie Error::Show::context undef) internally captures a stack trace/frame stack which is used for generating context. Aids in debugging when you just want to know how the context a subrotine was called in a non error state.
  • improvments
    • Reduced memory usage. The IPC::Open3 and Symbol modules are not loaded unless they are actually required for CLI usage. Saves approx 25% on memory usage otherwise. Scalar::Util is only loaded for in program usage (for blessed subroutine).
    • context subroutine is now callable via -> notation if prefered
    • the context subrotine symbol in now exported by defualt (when called from code). Previous behaviour can be achieved by explicitly importing the empty list
    • Removed unused importing/exporter code
  • fixes
    • Fixed type in synopsis example
  • pod
    • Documented changes to importing
    • Documented internal frame capture
  • tests
    • added simple test for internal frame capture


Show context around syntax errors and exceptions
Internal helper modules for Error::Show