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Dave Rolsky

Changes for version 1.23

    • Lots of enhancements to the Apache.pm emulation when using the CGIHandler module. Implemented by David Wheeler.
    • The fact that autohandlers or dhandlers can be turned off by setting autohandler_name or dhandler_name to "" has now been documented, and we explicitly check for this in the code. Task id #499.
    • The ApacheHandler module now catches exceptions thrown from the Interp class's make_request method. With the default Mason Interp & Request classes, this will never happen. However, subclasses may want to throw exceptions when constructing a request. Implemented by David Wheeler.
    • If any code type parameters were set in the httpd.conf file, Mason died trying to read them. This bug was introduced in version 1.20. Task id #496. Reported by David Wheeler.
    • $m->caller, $m->callers and $m->caller_args now return undef or an empty list instead of crashing when the specified stack level does not exist. Task id #495. Reported by Bernhard Schmalhofer.
    • The busy_lock option to $m->cache->get did not accept did not accept string values for durations, like "4m". Task id #484. Reported by Igor Muratov.
    • When generating the HTML error message page, we now only use basic HTML escaping. This fixes two problems. One is that if HTML::Entities is not installed, using the "|h" escape flag in the error display component causes an endless loop. The other is that the "|h" flag can mangle non-Latin-1 characters. Task ids #497 and #494. Reported by Harmen and Oleg Bartunov respectively.
    • If a component generated output, then called another component via $m->scomp, and that other component attempted to clear the buffer and then abort, any output generated before the call to $m->scomp was still sent to the client. This broke calling $m->redirect inside an $m->scomp call. Task id #498. Reported by Kim Alexander Hansen.
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