Changes for version 1.34 - 2023-03-25 (TRIAL RELEASE)

  • Fix for test failures seen on 32-bit systems with older Perl versions.

Changes for version 1.33 - 2023-02-12 (TRIAL RELEASE)

  • Fix for breakage on (some?) 32-bit platforms. If an integer calculation done internally overflowed all calls to this module's subs could error with "Day too big - 105412 > -2147483648". This fix reduces the range of acceptable epochs but should make the module usable again on such systems.

Changes for version 1.32 - 2023-02-12 (TRIAL RELEASE)

  • This is an alternative to the changes in the 1.31 release. Instead of restoring "use integer", the code now explicitly handles non-integer seconds values. This fixes the confusing things that timelocal() does with non-integer seconds but does not turn the seconds value into an integer. Based on a bug report from Dmitriy Shamatrin. GH #18.

Changes for version 1.31 - 2021-11-09 (TRIAL RELEASE)

  • Restored the use of "use integer", which was removed in 2010 as part of the change to support a 64-bit time_t in Perl, regardless of the platform. The timelocal() sub does very confusing things with non-integer seconds because internally it calls the system's localtime() function. And that localtime() function may strip off the non-integer portion of the seconds value. This leads to extremely confusing results because of the math that this module does on the return value of localtime() internally.
    • With "use integer" back in effect the results are much more predictable. Based on a bug report from Dmitriy Shamatrin. GH #18.


Efficiently compute time from local and GMT time