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DB::DBinterface - Perl extension for really simply access to database


  use DB::DBinterface;
  use strict;
  my $dbo = DB::DBinterface(
        DBUSER => 'user' ,
        DBPASSWORD => 'p4ssw0rd',
        DBHOST => '',
        DATABASE => 'my_database',
        DBTYPE => 'mysql'
  my @results = $dbo->DBselect("SELECT * FROM users");
  $dbo->DBupdate("CREATE TABLE my_table (id_table tinyint, name_table varchar(200)");
  $dbo->DBupdate("INSERT INTO my_table VALUES(1,'toto')");
  my @results = $dbo->DBselect("SELECT * FROM my_table");
  print "====> Results for my_table <====\n\nID\tTABLE NAME\n---------------\n";
  foreach my $a (@results)
        print "$a->{id_table}\t$a->{name_table}";
  my @tab = $dbo->getRefTabShemaFromTable('my_table');
  print "Field for 'my_table' : $tab[0]->{Field}\n";
  my %schema = $dbo->getShemaHashFromTable('my_table');
  print "Type for 'my_table' : $schema{Type}\n";


DB::DBinterface provide an interface to DBI and DBD::* modules. It used DBI, so you might install it and the corresponding DBD driver if necessary.


  • DBencode(CHARSET,(TEXT|$TEXT|@TEXT)) :

    Encode text to escape characters wich can be dangerous in an ``SQL injection'' attack.

    Availables CHARSET are :


    Return a table containing decoded text.

  • DBencode(CHARSET,(TEXT|$TEXT|@TEXT)) :

    Decode TEXT wich have been encoded with DNencode for CHARSET. Return a table containing decoded text.

    You can also use this two functions like methods ($dbo->DBecode('ip-wm',"toto is beautifull ;-)");


  • new :

     constructor when used alone. Arguments are :
            DBHOST : IP adress or hostname of the database (default is
            DBUSER : A username wich is authoryzed to connect to database (default is undef)
            DBPASSWORD : The password associates with DBUSER (default is undef)
            DATABASE : the database name (default is undef)
            DBTYPE : the DBI driver name (default is 'mysql')
  • new_h :

     constructor when used in other class (heritate form)
  • setDBHOST(VALUE) :

     accessor for setting DBHOST
  • getDBHOST :

     accessor for getting value of DBHOST
  • setDBUSER(VALUE) :

     accessor for setting DBUSER
  • getDBUSER :

     accessor for getting value of DBUSER

     accessor for setting DBPASSWORD

     accessor for getting value of DBPASSWORD

     accessor for setting DBDATABASE
  • getDATABASE :

     accessor for getting value of DBDATABASE
  • debugTrace :

     a method wich print debug informations
  • DBselect(REQUEST) :

     execute the SQL request REQUEST (only for ``SELECT-like'' request). Returned a table wich contain references on hash table create by a call to the DBI method : fetchrow_hashref()
  • DBupdate(REQUEST) :

     execute the SQL request REQUEST (all but ``SELECT-like'' request)
  • getShemaHashFromTable(TABLE) :

     execute a ``describe'' SQL request on TABLE and return a hash with to key : Field and Type (values are separated by a coma)
  • getRefTabShemaFromTable(TABLE) :

     execute a ``describe'' SQL request on TABLE and return a table wich contain ref on hash with 2 keys : Field and Type.


DUPUIS Arnaud, <>


Copyright (C) 2004 by DUPUIS Arnaud

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself, either Perl version 5.8.3 or, at your option, any later version of Perl 5 you may have available.

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