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Changes for version 0.50

  • Require a plan file.
  • Renamed "steps" to "changes".
  • New plan file spec.
    • Tags are just labels on a particular change, no longer a list of changes.
    • Dependencies now specified in the plan file, not in the deploy script.
    • Changes can be specified as deploys or reverts, though reverts are not currently supported.
    • Changes can be specified with an optional leading `+` for deploy or `-` for revert, which will eventually be important for conflict management.
    • Dependencies can be specified as other change names, tags, or a change as of a tag (e.g., `foo@beta`).
    • Pragmas can be specified with a leading `%`. Only `%syntax-version` is currently recognized; all others are ignored.
  • Renamed the `add-step` command to just `add`.
  • Added the `tag` command.
  • Added the `revert` command.
  • Added the `rework` command.
  • Added exception objects and started using them.
  • Added localization support and started using it.
  • Added IDs to steps and tags. These are SHA1s generated from the return value of the new `info` method, which describes the change or tag.
  • Updated the PostgreSQL engine to comply with the new Engine API.
  • Updated the PostgreSQL engine to use IDs for tracking changes and tags.
  • Eliminated the term "node" from the plan implementation and docs.
  • Updated the engine base class for the new plan API, and to just deploy changes one-at-a-time.
  • Added many new ways to look for changes in the plan, including:
    • `change_name`
    • `@tag_name`
    • `change_name@tag_name`
    • `change_id`
    • `tag_id`
  • The plan file can now be written out with nearly all white space and comments preserved.
  • Changed the `add` command to write out the plan file after a new change is added.
  • Change names can now be duplicated, as long as a tag name appears between them.
  • Renamed `target` to destination in Engine.
  • Started referring to the step to deploy or revert to in docs as the "target".
  • PostgreSQL errors will now be thrown as Sqitch exceptions, for proper handling during command execution.
  • Added required `core.uri` configuration setting. Used to keep change IDs unique across projects.
  • Added `--mode` option to `deploy`, to trigger reverts on failure to either:
    • Not at all: keep the latest successful change.
    • To the last deployed tag
    • To the point at which the current deploy started
  • Added the implicit tags `@ROOT` and `@HEAD` for looking up changes in the plan.
  • Renamed `sql_dir` to `top_dir` and made it default to the current directory.
  • Changed the location of the plan file to the top directory. This will make it easier to have plans and scripts for multiple database platforms in a single project.
  • Fixed a bug in the build process so that template files will be properly written to the `etc` directory.
  • Rewrote `sqitchtutorial` to reflect the new realities.
  • Updated `sqitch` documentation, and moved the plan file information to App::Sqitch::Plan.
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