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Changes for version 0.80

  • Added the `log` command to `sqitchcommands.pod`, which is shown as the output of `sqitch help`.
  • Added `user.name` and `user.email` configuration variables.
  • Now using `user.name` and `user.email`, rather than the system or database user name, to log the user committing changes to a database.
  • Database-specific options are now prefixed with `--db-`.
  • Added "raw" format to App::Sqitch::DateTime. It is ISO-8601 format in UTC.
  • Modified the "raw" log format to use the raw DateTime format.
  • Added timestamp and planner info to the plan. This is additional metadata included in every change and tag: The planner's name and email address and the current timestamp. This makes it easier to audit who added changes to a plan and when.
  • Added the `--note` option to the `add`, `rework`, and `tag` commands.
  • For consistency throughout, renamed all attributes and options from "message" and "comment" to "note", which is shorter and better reflects their purpose.
  • The planner's name and email address, as well as the plan time and note, are now stored in the database whenever changes or tags are committed and logged.
  • Renamed various database columns to be more consistent, with the terms "commit", "plan", and "note".
  • Added `requires` and `conflicts` columns to the events table, so that they can become available to the `log` command.
  • Various `log` format changes:
    • Renamed %n (newline) to %v (vertical space)
    • Renamed %c to %n (change name)
    • Replaced %a (committer name) with %c (committer info). It takes an optional argument:
      • "name" or "n" for committer name
      • "email" or "e" for committer email
      • "d" or "date" for commit date
      • "d:$format" or "date:$format" for formatted commit date
    • Added %p (planner info). It takes an optional argument just like "%c" does:
      • "name" or "n" for planner name
      • "email" or "e" for planner email
      • "d" or "date" for plan date
      • "d:$format" or "date:$format" for formatted plan date
    • Added special argument to "%C", `:event", which returns a color based on the value of the event type:
      • Green for "deploy"
      • Blue for "revert"
      • Red for "fail"
    • Added "%r" and "%R" for lists of required changes.
    • Added "%x" and "%X" for lists of conflicting changes.
    • Added "%a" to display an unlocalized attribute name and value.
    • Added "planner", "committer", "planned", and "email" arguments to %_.
    • Documented that the dates can take CLDR or strftime formats, too.
    • Added the %s, %b, and %B format for "subject", "body", and raw body akin to Git. The values are taken from the note value, if available.
    • Added committer email addresses to default formats.
    • Added plan data to default formats.
    • Added note data to default formats.
    • Added lists of required and conflicting changes to the "raw" and "full" formats.
    • Switched to event-driven colors for event types and change IDs in default formats.
    • Added color to the event type and change ID output in the "raw" format.
  • Added detailed descriptions of the default formats to `sqitch-log.pod`.
  • Updated the Change object to encode and decode vertical whitespace in a note, so that all data remains on a single line for each object in the plan file.
  • Now require a note when adding, reworking, or tagging a change. If `--note` is not specified, an editor will be launched and the user prompted to write a note. This is similar to how `git commit` behaves, and encourages documentation of changes.
  • Added required "project" and optional "uri" pragmas to the plan.
  • Added `--project` and `--uri` attributes to the `init` command.
  • Removed the `core.uri` configuration variable and corresponding core `--uri` option (since it has been replaced with the `init` command's `--uri` option.
  • Command-line arguments are now all assumed to be UTF-8, and are parsed as such.
  • Added workaround to force the configuration file to be written and read as UTF-8. Requires an unreleased version of Config::GitLike to actually work properly.
  • Text passed to a pager (as when running `sqitch log`) is now encoded in UTF-8.
  • Fixed `--quiet` option so that it properly trumps `--verbose`.
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