Changes for version 0.935

  • Updated `dist/sqitch-pg.spec` to require `postgresql` rather than "postgresql91". The version doesn't matter so much.
  • All known Windows issues and failures fixed, with many thanks to Randy Stauner for repeatedly running tests and supplying patches:
    • Fixed "'2' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file" error on Windows.
    • Fixed multiple errors detecting Windows. The OS name is "MSWin32", not "Win32". The test failure thus addressed was the setting of the DateTime locale.
    • Fixed failing tests that were incorrectly comparing subprocess errors messages on Windows
    • Fixed bug in `bundle` where a file would be re-copied even if the source and destination had the same timestamps, as they seem to do during tests on Windows. Patch from Randy Stauner.
    • Fixed failing test that failed to include `.exe` in a file name on Windows. Patch from Randy Stauner.
  • Added French translation, with thanks to Arnaud (Arhuman) ASSAD!
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