Changes for version 0.953

  • Fixed test failure in `t/engine.t` triggered by a clock tick.
  • Changed the verify template to end with `ROLLBACK` rather than `COMMIT`. This it to encourage folks to make no lasting changes in verify tests.
  • Fixed exception triggered on an attempt to revert or rebase `--to` a change that does not exist in the database.
  • Added recommendation for Pod::Simple to the build process.
  • Added the `--etcdir` build option to specify the directory in which configuration and template files should be installed. Defaults to the `etc/sqitch` subdirectory of the `--prefix`, `--install_base`, or Perl's prefix.
  • Added the `--installed_etcdir` build option. This is used to set the location of the system etc directory. Defaults to the value of `--etcdir`.
  • When building with `--prefix` or `--install_base`, and without `--etcdir`, the configuration files and tmeplates are now installed into `etc/sqitch` in that directory, rather than just `etc`. This is to enable packaging systems to move the directory to the proper location.
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