Changes for version 0.963

  • Fixed a test failure when Git is in the execution path and the test is not run from a Git checkout.
  • Added `plan` to `sqitchchanges`, the contents of which are shown when Sqitch is run with no command.
  • Removed the unique constraint on tag names in the database, as it prevented two projects from having the same tag name. Replaced it with a unique constraint on the project and tag names. Folks with production PostgreSQL installs should run these queries: ALTER TABLE sqitch.tags DROP CONSTRAINT tags_tag_key, ADD UNIQUE(project, tag); COMMENT ON COLUMN sqitch.tags.tag IS 'Project-unique tag name.';
  • Fixed failing tests when DBD::SQLite is not installed.
  • Removed dependency on Git::Wrapper. The `checkout` command does things very simply, and we already have tools for running command-line applications. So we just take advantage of that. The code is no more complicated than it was before.
  • Added the `core.vcs.client` configuration setting. Defaults to `git` (or `git.exe` on Windows).
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