Changes for version 0.983

  • Fixed "Use of uninitialized value" in the MySQL engine. Thanks to Jean-Michel REY for the report.
  • All tests now protect against failures due to the presence of the `$SQITCH_CONFIG` environment variable (issue #114).
  • The installer now respects the `distdir` option to `Build.PL` when searching for existing templates. Important for packaging.
  • Fixed the error "Table 'sqitch.changes' doesn't exist" when deploying to a MySQL database that exists but has not been initialized. Thanks to Jean-Michel REY for the report!
  • Refactored the handling of the C<--log-only> option so it sets an engine attribute, rather than passing the flag to a whole stack of method calls.
  • Fixed "Argument "en_us" isn't numeric" error on Windows.
  • Now using `LC_ALL` instead of `LC_MESSAGES` when setting the locale, as the latter is not present on Windows.
  • The sqitch-pg RPM now requires DBD::Pg 2.0.0 or higher.
  • Improved handling of invalid command names so that the error message is less ambiguous when triggered by a Perl parse error.
  • Added `-m` as an alias for `--note`, for you Git folks out there.
  • Added exception handling to the Postgres and Oracle engines to avoid unexpected errors when deploying to a database that has not been deployed to before.
  • Updated detection of an uninitialized database to double-check with the engine that it really thinks it's uninitialized, not just that the "changes" table is missing. This should catch the case where the database has its own "changes" table unrelated to Sqitch.
  • Added `--open-editor` option (and aliases) to the `add` and `rework` commands. This option will open the newly-added change scripts in the preferred editor. Thanks to Thomas Sibley for the patch!
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