David E. Wheeler

Changes for version 0.35

  • Fixed the names of the included types classes in the documentation of Class::Meta::Type. Spotted by Dan Kubb.
  • Fixed a few documentation references to a "class()" method to reference the correctly named "my_class()" method.
  • Fixed failing tests on Win32. For real this time, I hope! Reported by Robert Rothenberg's CPAN testing.
  • Added build() method to Class::Meta::Method to parallel the same method in Class::Meta::Attribute and Class::Meta::Constructor. It's a no-op, but will be called when Class::Meta::build() is called, so it could be useful for subclasses. Inspired by a suggestion by Mark Jaroski.
  • Added POD coverage test.
  • Documented undocumented methods and functions. Most of these are actually protected methods, but they will be of interest to those creating their own subclasses or accessor generators Class::Meta.
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