David E. Wheeler

Changes for version 0.10

  • Added a link to the Subversion repository.
  • Updated the documentation so that all examples use `class` rather than `build`.
  • Calling the `meta` function is now optional. If it is not called, Class::Meta::Express will create a key name from the last part of the class name. Suggested by Jon Swartz.
  • Moved the justification for creating this module towards the end of the documentation, so that the important description of how to use it is more prominently towards the top. Suggested by Jon Swartz.
  • Added brief descriptions of the parameters supported by Class::Meta for each function.
  • Added tests to ensure that the `view` parameter is properly respected.
  • Now requiring Class::Meta 0.60 or later to take advantage of its integrated `default_type` parameter.
  • The `reexport` parameter now respects all of the other parameters passed to `meta`, not just `meta_class` and `default_type`.
  • Added a spelling test. This has the benefit of reducing the number of annoying spelling errors in the documentation.
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