WebService::Yahoo::TermExtractor - Perl wrapper for the Yahoo! Term Extraction WebService


  use WebService::Yahoo::TermExtractor;

  my $yte = WebService::Yahoo::TermExtractor->new( appid => 'your_app_id', context => $source_text);

  my $terms = $yte->get_terms; # returns an array ref


WebService::Yahoo::TermExtractor provides a simple object-oriented wrapper around the Yahoo! Term Extraction WebService.

The Yahoo! Term Extraction WebService attempts to extract a list of significant words or phrases from the content submitted.


    use WebService::Yahoo::TermExtractor;

    my $source_text = 'A chunk of text, that mentions perl, to extract terms from...';

    my $yte = WebService::Yahoo::TermExtractor->new( appid => 'your_app_id', context => $source_text);

    my $terms = $yte->get_terms;

    die "An error occured while trying to extract terms..." unless $terms;

    print "This article is about:\n";

    foreach my $term (@$terms) {
        print "\t$term\n";

If you are making multiple calls, each with different source text, and have already initialised a WebService::Yahoo::TermExtractor object you can reuse the object and call get_terms with the text to extract from.

    my $yte = WebService::Yahoo::TermExtractor->new( appid => 'textextract', context => $source_text);

    my $terms = $yte->get_terms;

    ... do stuff and then later ...

    $terms = $yte->get_terms($new_source_text);

The following example shows input text from the London PM home page:

"We are a group of people dedicated to the encouragement of all things Perl-like in London. This involves helping each other, discussing topics, sharing information and the occasional drink and mention of Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

Which returns the following terms:

        buffy the vampire slayer
        occasional drink


As an object-oriented module WebService::Yahoo::TermExtractor exports no functions.


new ( appid => 'your_app_id', context => 'your_source_text' )

This is the constructor for a new WebService::Yahoo::TermExtractor object. The appid is required for you to use the Yahoo webservice and must be requested from them. See "SEE ALSO" for more details.

context is the source text that terms should be extracted from. Both arguments are required.


get_terms ( [ $context ] )

This method sends the request and returns an array reference of any extracted terms. If invoked without an argument the context provided in new is used. If an argument is passed it is assumed to be source text that terms should be extracted from. This was added as a convience for working with multiple pieces of text.

get_terms returns an array reference pointing to the list of terms on success and undef on failure.


WebService::Yahoo::TermExtractor requires the following module:



For information about the Yahoo! Term Extractor service -

To sign up for an application key -


Copyright (C) 2006 Dean Wilson. All Rights Reserved.

This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


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