Changes for version 0.160000

    • GH #868: Fix incorrect access name in $error->throw. (cdmalon)
    • GH #879, #883: Fix version numbering in packaging and tests. (Russell Jenkins)
    • File serving (send_file) won't call serializer. (Russell Jenkins)
    • GH #892, #510: Workaround for multiple plugins with hooks. (Russell Jenkins, Alberto Simões)
    • GH #558: Remove "prefix" inconsistency with possibly missing postfixed forward slash. (Sawyer X)
    • GH #816, #874 Document session engine changes in migration documentation. (Chenchen Zhao)
    • GH #866, #870: Clarify that you cannot forward to a static file, why, and two different ways of accomplishing it without forward. (Sakshee Vijayvargia)
    • GH #878: Rework example for optional named matching due to operator precedence. (Andrew Solomon)
    • GH #844: Document Simple session backend is the default. (Sawyer X)
    • GH #869: Streaming file serving (send_file). (Russell Jenkins)
    • GH #793: "prefix" now supports the path definition spec. (Sawyer X)
    • GH #817, #845: Route spec under a prefix doesn't need to start with a slash (but must without a prefix). (Sawyer X, Russell Jenkins)
    • GH #871: Use instead of eval with Dancer2::Serializer::Dumper. (David Zurborg)
    • GH #880: Reduce and cleanup different logging calls in order to handle the stack frames traceback for logging classes. (Russell Jenkins)
    • GH #857, #875: When failing to render in Template::Toolkit, make the error reflect it's a TT error, not an internal one. (valerycodes)