Changes for version 0.161000

    • GH #915, #930: Check existence of optional extension headers when behind proxy. (Andy Beverley, Pedro Melo, Russell Jenkins)
    • GH #926, #940: Set session directory default to $apprdir/session. (Russell Jenkins)
    • GH #936, #939: Use the error_template configuration on a 404. (Russell Jenkins)
    • GH #844, #937: Non-hash serialized params do not cause a crash. (Sawyer X)
    • GH #943: Pass @_ to UNIVERSAL's VERSION so it validates version number. (Sawyer X)
    • GH #934: Cleanup internals in the old Dispatcher. (Russell Jenkins)
    • Sanitize Changes
    • GH #938: Fix POD link to params keyword. (Ludovic Tolhurst-Cleaver)
    • GH #935: Provide more details and considerations when using behind_proxy. (Andy Beverley)
    • GH #933: use note in tests to produce cleaner non-verbose output (Vernon)
    • Remove unnecessary dependencies: build chain should be smaller. (Sawyer X)
    • No need for Module::Build. (Sawyer X)
    • GH #911: Dancer2 request object is now a subclass of Plack::Request. It's also much faster now. (Sawyer X)