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Florian Ragwitz
Data::Riak - An interface to a Riak server.
Data::Riak::Bucket - A Data::Riak bucket, used for storing keys and values.
Data::Riak::HTTP - An interface to a Riak server, using its HTTP (REST) interface
Data::Riak::MapReduce - A map/reduce query
Data::Riak::MapReduce::Phase::Link - Link phase of a MapReduce
Data::Riak::MapReduce::Phase::Map - Map phase of a MapReduce
Data::Riak::MapReduce::Phase::Reduce - Reduce phase of a MapReduce
Data::Riak::Request - A request to Riak
Data::Riak::Result - A result of a Riak query
Data::Riak::Result::JSONValue - A result containing JSON data
Data::Riak::Result::MaybeVClock - Result class for requests returning a vector clock
Data::Riak::Result::MaybeWithVClock - Results with vector clock headers
Data::Riak::Result::Object - A result containing a full object
Data::Riak::Result::Single - Results without the need of a ResultSet
Data::Riak::Result::SingleJSONValue - Single result containing JSON data
Data::Riak::Result::SingleObject - Single result containing an object
Data::Riak::Result::SingleValue - Result class for requests with a single result
Data::Riak::Result::WithLinks - Results with links
Data::Riak::Result::WithLocation - Results with a Location
Changes for version 2.0
    • Remove leftovers of Data::Riak::Result::WithVClock. It's been replaced by Data::Riak::Result::MaybeWithVClock in an earlier release. This makes this distribution installable again if you didn't have an older version of Data-Riak that still contained ::WithVClock installed before.

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