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Michael Jemmeson
and 1 contributors
Date::Holidays::GB - Date::Holidays compatible package for the UK, with public/bank holiday dates, updated from gov.uk
Date::Holidays::GB - Determine British holidays - UK public and bank holiday dates
Date::Holidays::GB::EAW - Date::Holidays class for GB-EAW (England & Wales)
Date::Holidays::GB::NIR - Date::Holidays class for GB-NIR (Northern Ireland)
Date::Holidays::GB::SCT - Date::Holidays class for GB-SCT (Scotland)
Date::Holidays::GB in lib/Date/Holidays/GB.pm
Changes for version 0.005
  • Maintenance
    • Switched to Dist::Milla
    • tests using static sample data
  • Update
    • 2013 dates removed, 2016 dates added

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