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Changes for version 0.45

  • Installing this release will cause older versions of DateTime::Format::Strptime to warn like crazy. Please update DateTime::Format::Strptime if you install this release.
  • This is an interim release still based on CLDR 1.7.1 pending the release of Locale::CLDR, which will happen real soon now, for some definition of soon.
  • Removed dependency on Class::ISA and just copied what we need from said module directly. Class::ISA warns as deprecated if used with Perl 5.11.0, even though it works just fine (doh). RT #53940.
  • All methods deprecated in the last release now warn when called.
  • Added methods to return per-locale strftime formats from the glibc data. These methods are not yet documented. They are just there for now to allow me to update DateTime::Format::Strptime.