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Changes for version 0.04

  • added a function eq_pdl() to compare two piddles, without performing an actual test. If you've been wanting to compare two piddles outside of a test suite, now you can (Edward Baudrez)
  • added a function eq_pdl_diag() that, in addition to comparing two piddles, also returns the reason for failure, if any. It was written to support deep comparisons with Test::Deep, but you may find other uses for it, too (Edward Baudrez)
  • added a function test_pdl() which hides a constructor call for an object that can make 'special comparisons': those are useful when comparing piddles inside data structures with Test::Deep. E.g., my $expected = { data => test_pdl( -3,9.99,2 ), }; cmp_deeply function_returning_hashref(), $expected; See the documentation of test_pdl() for more details (Edward Baudrez)
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  • Test::Deep::PDL - Test piddles inside data structures with Test::Deep
  • Test::PDL - Test Perl Data Language arrays (a.k.a. piddles) for equality