RadioMobile - A Perl interface to Radio Mobile .net file


  use RadioMobile;
  my $rm = new RadioMobile();

  my $header = $rm->header;
  my $units  = $rm->units;

  foreach my $idxUnit (0..$header->unitCount-1) {
          my $unit = $units->at($idxUnit);
          printf("%s at lon %s and lat %s\n", $unit->name, 
            $unit->lon, $unit->lat);


This module is a Perl interface to .net file of Radio Mobile, a software to predict the performance of a radio system.

Currently this module only parse .net file to extract all information available inside it such as units, radio systems, networks, some configuration of program behaviour, the header with version file, number of units, systems and networks. It also extract the relation between units, systems and networks to show the units associated to a network, their systems and so on.

As soon as possible it will be possible to create a .net from scratch with information available, as an example, from a database.

This module supports only .net file with 4000 as version number (I don't know exactly from which it has been adopted this but I'm sure that all Radio Mobile file starting from version 9.x.x used this).


This is a beta test release. Interfaces can change in future. Report me any bug you will find.



Call new() to create a new RadioMobile object

  my $rm = new RadioMobile();

You can call new() to force parsing to dump all structures found using the debug parameter

  my $rm = new RadioMobile(debug => 1);


Use this method to set the path, relative or absolute, to a .net file created by Radio Mobile software.



Execute this method for parsing the .net file set with file() method and fullfill header(), config(), units(), systems(), nets() and netsunits() elements.


Returns a RadioMobile::Header object with information about .net version file, number of units, systems and networks


Returns a RadioMobile::Config object with Style Network Properties window setting, list of pictures to be open, the mapfile and landheight path.


Returns a RadioMobile::Units object with a list of all units.


Returns a RadioMobile::Systems object with a list of all systems.


Returns a RadioMobile::Nets object with a list of all networks.


Returns a RadioMobile::NetsUnits object which is a matrix $header->networkCount * $header->unitCount with all relation between units, networks and systems.


In docs/ distribution directory you can find a PDF with a summarize of RadioMobile object model.


Emiliano Bruni, <lt><gt>


This module is a copyright by Emiliano Bruni

Radio Mobile software is a copyright by Roger Coude' VE2DBE.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself, either Perl version 5.10.0 or, at your option, any later version of Perl 5 you may have available.