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Changes for version 0.41

  • The logic of checking for external executables seemed flawed, especially when running under Solars. Added internal class routine "_find_executable" to and adapted NexTrieve::PDF's "executable" class method to call that instead.


Perl interface to NexTrieve search engine software
handle a NexTrieve Collection
handle a NexTrieve Collection Index
convert DBI statement handle to NexTrieve Document sequence
handle NexTrieve running as a daemon
handling a NexTrieve Document Sequence
create XML for indexing a single document
convert HTML to NexTrieve Document objects
handle the Hitlist specifications of NexTrieve
handle the Hit specifications of NexTrieve
handle indexing with NexTrieve
MIME-type conversions for documents
convert Unix mailbox to NexTrieve Document sequence
convert Mail::Message object(s) to document(s)
an overview of NexTrieve and its Perl support
convert PDF-file(s) to NexTrieve Document objects
handle the Query specifications of NexTrieve
handle NexTrieve as a querylog
convert RFC822 to NexTrieve Document objects
replay Querylog objects against Search objects
handle the resource specifications of NexTrieve
handle searching with NexTrieve
create and maintain Targz archives
change encoding to UTF-8