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WWW::Wikipedia::Entry - A class for representing a Wikipedia Entry


    my $wiki = WWW::Wikipedia->new();
    my $entry = $wiki->search( 'Perl' );
    print $entry->text();

    my $entry_es = $entry->language( 'es' );
    print $entry_es->text();


WWW::Wikipedia::Entry objects are usually created using the search() method on a WWW::Wikipedia object to search for a term. Once you've got an entry object you can then extract pieces of information from the entry using the following methods.



You probably won't use this one, it's the constructor that is called behind the scenes with the correct arguments by WWW::Wikipedia::search().


The brief text for the entry. This will provide the first paragraph of text; basically everything up to the first heading. Ordinarily this will be what you want to use. When there doesn't appear to be summary text you will be returned the fulltext instead.

If text() returns nothing then you probably are looking at a disambiguation entry, and should use related() to lookup more specific entries.


Returns the full text for the entry, which can be extensive.


Returns a list of terms in the wikipedia that are mentioned in the entry text.


Returns a list of categories which the entry is part of. So Perl is part of the Programming languages category.


Returns a list of headings used in the entry.


Returns the raw wikitext for the entry.


With no parameters, it will return the current language of the entry. By specifying a two-letter language code, it will return the same entry in that language, if available.


Returns an array of two letter language codes denoting the languages in which this entry is available.


  • Ed Summers <>

  • Brian Cassidy <>