Devel::Events::Match - Event matching, splicing and dicing.


version 0.09


        use Devel::Events::Match;

        my $matcher = Devel::Events::Match->new;

        my @matching = $matcher->grep( match => $cond, events => \@events );


This class provides event list filtering, chunking etc based on a simple match format.

This class is used by Devel::Events::Handler::Log::Memory in order to ease access into the event log.



Used to compile condition values into code references.

Scalars become equality tests on the first element (event type/name matches this).

Hashes become recursive conditions, where each key is matched on the field. The 'type' pseudofield is the first element of the event. Every value in the hash gets compile_cond called on it recursively.

Code references are returned verbatim.

The output is a code reference that can be used to match events.

first %args

Return the first event that matches a certain condition.

Requires the match and events parameters.

grep %args

Return the list of events that match a certain condition.

Requires the match and events parameters.

limit from => $cond, to => $cond, %args

Return events between two events. If from or to is omitted then it returns all the events up to or from the other filter (from defaults to sub { 1 } and to defaults to sub { 0 }).

If either the from_inclusive and to_inclusive parameters are provided and set to false then the range will only begin on the event after the from match and end on the event before the to match respectively.

Requires the events parameter.

chunk %args

Cuts the event log into chunks. When $marker matches a new chunk is opened.

Requires the marker and events parameters.

The first and last parameters, when provided and false will cause the first and last chunks to be dropped, respectively.

The first chunk contains all the events up to the first matching one.

take_while %args
take_until %args
drop_while %args
drop_until %args

Require the match and events parameters.


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