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Changes for version 2.025 - 2024-04-20

  • Split version checking from `use Alien::Gnuplot` line for easier downstream packaging. Fixes #98.
  • fixes for Windows (#89)
  • use terminal "dumb" if probing shows "unknown" (#66)
  • fix numeric-only strings for legend (#100) - thanks @d-lamb for report
  • fix plot3d array-ref handling (#87) - thanks @djerius for report
  • fix gplot array-ref handling (#86) - thanks @djerius for report
  • add multiplot_next to skip one plot (#85)
  • add documentation to UTF-8 encode text labels etc (#74) - thanks @zmughal for report
  • add {multiplot,plot,multiplot_next,end_multi}_generate methods which return Gnuplot commands equivalent plot would execute (#95)



demonstrate PDL::Graphics::Gnuplot capabilities
Gnuplot-based plotting for PDL