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Marcel GrĂ¼nauer
Error::Hierarchy - Support for hierarchical exception classes
Error::Hierarchy::Base - Base class for hierarchical exception classes
Error::Hierarchy::Container - Container for hierarchical exceptions
Error::Hierarchy::Internal - Base class for internal exceptions
Error::Hierarchy::Internal::AbstractMethod - Exception for unimplemented methods
Error::Hierarchy::Internal::Class - When you got an object of a wrong class
Error::Hierarchy::Internal::CustomMessage - Custom internal exception
Error::Hierarchy::Internal::DBI - DBI-related exception
Error::Hierarchy::Internal::DBI::DBH - DBI-related exception
Error::Hierarchy::Internal::DBI::DRH - DBI-related exception
Error::Hierarchy::Internal::DBI::H - DBI-related exception
Error::Hierarchy::Internal::DBI::STH - DBI statement-related exception
Error::Hierarchy::Internal::EmptyArrayRef - When you expected a non-empty array reference
Error::Hierarchy::Internal::EmptyHashRef - When you expected a non-empty hash reference
Error::Hierarchy::Internal::NoArrayRef - When you expected an array reference
Error::Hierarchy::Internal::NoHashRef - When you expected a hash reference
Error::Hierarchy::Internal::ReadOnlyAttribute - When someone tried to set a read-only attribute
Error::Hierarchy::Internal::ValueUndefined - When you expected a defined value
Error::Hierarchy::Mixin - Provides often-used exception-related methods
Error::Hierarchy::Test - Tools to test hierarchical exceptions
Error::Hierarchy::Util - Assertions and other tools
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