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Author image Kevin Falcone
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Changes for version 0.45_07

  • Skip IPv6 tests in 01live.t on machines where IPv6 isn't configured

Changes for version 0.45_06

  • Further test iteration and diagnostics for smoke failures

Changes for version 0.45_05

  • Test diagnostics for cpantester failures
  • Hopefully better localhost handling

Changes for version 0.45_04

  • Fix compatibility for the IPv6 support in .45_02
  • Hopefully improve the live tests

Changes for version 0.45_03

  • Remove useless VERSION from HTTP::Server::Simple::CGI and HTTP::Server::Simple::CGI::Environment

Changes for version 0.45_02

Changes for version 0.45_01


Lightweight HTTP server
CGI.pm-style version of HTTP::Server::Simple
a HTTP::Server::Simple mixin to provide the CGI protocol