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Fergal Daly
Test::Deep - Extremely flexible deep comparison
Test::Deep in lib/Test/Deep.pm
Test::Deep::All in lib/Test/Deep/All.pm
Test::Deep::Any in lib/Test/Deep/Any.pm
Test::Deep::Array in lib/Test/Deep/Array.pm
Test::Deep::ArrayEach in lib/Test/Deep/ArrayEach.pm
Test::Deep::ArrayLength in lib/Test/Deep/ArrayLength.pm
Test::Deep::Blessed in lib/Test/Deep/Blessed.pm
Test::Deep::Boolean in lib/Test/Deep/Boolean.pm
Test::Deep::Cache in lib/Test/Deep/Cache.pm
Test::Deep::Cache::Simple in lib/Test/Deep/Cache/Simple.pm
Test::Deep::Class in lib/Test/Deep/Class.pm
Test::Deep::Cmp in lib/Test/Deep/Cmp.pm
Test::Deep::Code in lib/Test/Deep/Code.pm
Test::Deep::Hash in lib/Test/Deep/Hash.pm
Test::Deep::HashEach in lib/Test/Deep/HashEach.pm
Test::Deep::HashKeys in lib/Test/Deep/HashKeys.pm
Test::Deep::Ignore in lib/Test/Deep/Ignore.pm
Test::Deep::Isa in lib/Test/Deep/Isa.pm
Test::Deep::Methods in lib/Test/Deep/Methods.pm
Test::Deep::MM in lib/Test/Deep/MM.pm
Test::Deep::Number in lib/Test/Deep/Number.pm
Test::Deep::Ref in lib/Test/Deep/Ref.pm
Test::Deep::RefType in lib/Test/Deep/RefType.pm
Test::Deep::Regexp in lib/Test/Deep/Regexp.pm
Test::Deep::RegexpRef in lib/Test/Deep/RegexpRef.pm
Test::Deep::ScalarRef in lib/Test/Deep/ScalarRef.pm
Test::Deep::Set in lib/Test/Deep/Set.pm
Test::Deep::Shallow in lib/Test/Deep/Shallow.pm
Test::Deep::Stack in lib/Test/Deep/Stack.pm
Test::Deep::String in lib/Test/Deep/String.pm
Changes for version 0.081
    • Got rid of struct mode for num()
    • Large internal changes, now using a stack object rather than just an array.
    • This handles rendering the stack.
    • The comparisons handle rendering the got and expected values now.
    • num() and str() numify/stringify before comparing, this makes overload of ==
    • or eq irrelevant. This also prevents problems with the diag when something
    • stringifies differently to it's numificiation or differently each time you
    • look.
    • fixed diag of overloaded refs to display the ref value, not the overloaded
    • value
    • nicer diags for booleans

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