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 vptk - Perl/Tk Visual resource editor (canvas edition)


 vptk [-help]

   -h[elp]  - show this help


  1. General considerations

  * The project supply toolkit for Perl/Tk canvas design
  * End-user may be not familiar with Perl/Tk

  2. User interface

  * All data stored in Perl/Tk include-file form
  * Most functions accessible both from pull-down menu,
    toolbar panel and by keyboard shortcuts

  3. Restrictions

  * No infinite scaling for graphic objects
  * One-level undo only (maybe increased?)

  4. Main features

  * Widgets stored in Perl/Tk include-file format
  * All basic canvas objects supported: 
    line, poly, curves, oval, arc, chord, rectangle
  * Object editing by using selection bars
  * Objects order supported
  * Toolbar ballons and status string
  * File setup: description, background color, output precision
  * Constraint support for uniform figures
  * Arc/Pie support
  * Cursor changes on selection/object
  * Undo for all artwork modifications (incl. drag/resize)
  * Group select (for move/duplicate/erase only) - with massive undo
  * Help & HTML documentation
  * Unlimited undo/redo
  * Post-script print
  5. To be implemented

  * Point remove (in polygons)
  * Figures type conversion (oval-circle,square-rect,line-polyline,
  * Cursor position display (on/off)
  * Strict checks of 'points' list (pairs, minimal number, constraints)
  * Add/remove objects to/from group selection with shift+click
  * NumEntry for numeric values

  6. Known bugs

  * transformations produce wrong results when scale is not 1:1 - blocked
  * dragging uniform figures sometime produce 'non-uniform' results